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Product Detail
PVC Frame Cooling Pad
Product Detail

PVC Frame CoolingPad

The wet curtain negative pressure fan cooling systemis made up of paper porous wet curtain, water circulation system and fans. Whenthe unsaturated air flows through the porous and moist surface of the wetcurtain, a large amount of water evaporates, and the sensible heat embodied inthe air is converted to the latent heat of evaporation in the air, thusreducing the temperature of the air itself. When the fan is draught, the coldair which is cooled by the wet curtain is continuously introduced into the room,so as to achieve the cooling effect.

Product introduction

1.There are 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, three main curtainthickness 15 cm, which is widely used.

2.The size of cooling water according to the actualinstallation need to be tailored, can be made into a random size. But usuallythe height is no more than 2 meters, and the length is not more than 4 meters.

3.the diameter of honeycomb hole of cooling watercurtain is mainly 5mm, 7mm, 9mm three kinds, 7mm is used more widely, 5mm isused for environmental protection air conditioning (cold air honeycomb type wetcurtain machine), 9mm is used in the place where with dust .

4.according to the angle of the corrugation, it can bedivided into 45 degrees +45 degrees, 30 degrees +60 degrees, 45 degrees +15degrees, and the type of water curtain paper has 5090, 5060, 7090, 6090, 7060,9090, 9060. The common type of cooling water is 7090, according to thedifferent needs can also be made into other models


Product features

1. Frame is made of PVCmaterial, which is economical, durable and easy to install.

2.No additional reservoir, lowcost

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